XL Umbrella Stand

The Original Umbrella Stand XL was created to hold a larger market or patio umbrella using a simple 4 spike system. This larger umbrella stand is designed for more permanent shade. Simply use your body weight by stepping on the stand. Whether in the back yard or an outdoor event The Original Umbrella Stand gives you a secure hold. Quit lugging that heavy patio base around!

Solid welded steel constructed-lasts forever 1.75″ Tube Diameter

Thumbscrew to hold you umbrella securely

Powder coated- scratch and chip resistant

Weighs less than 8 lbs.

More portable and easy to store than regular weighted bases!

Grey (only available color)

Fully Warranted



The proven “use-anywhere” adjustable umbrella clamp. Great for bleachers, benches, tailgates, poles, fences and more.

25 different positions

1.5″ Tube Diameter Clips

Can clip vertically & horizontally

Grey (only available color)



The Original Umbrella Stand evolved out of necessity. Perfect for families spending hundreds of hours in the hot sun. We liked our beach/sports umbrella, but due to the size we found them a hassle to keep in place. With many variations over five years, the current Umbrella Stand is designed with you in mind. Avoid the hassles and get your umbrella stand today.

The Original Umbrella Stand is perfect for sporting events, beach trips, picnics and more! It comes in GREY.

Solid welded steel constructed-Lasts Forever

1.5″ Tube Diameter

Thumbscrews to hold your Umbrella securely

Powder coated – scratch and chip resistant

Capable of holding 2 Umbrellas

Weighs less than 3 pounds


I do not have to worry about my umbrellas tipping over anymore!

Tanya L.

As dermatologists, we emphasize to our patients the importance of seeking shade whenever possible in order to avoid the harmful effects of ultraviolet light exposure. However, from time to time, we may find ourselves exposed to the sun in unshaded areas. The beauty of the original umbrella stand is that it allows us to bring shade with us wherever and whenever we need it

Brian J. Katz, M.D., FAAD Board certified Dermatologist MIAMI BEACH, FL

I just love the grab and go flexibility with the umbrella stand. It not only works in grass, sand, dirt, turf but easy to set up and I can take to all kid's sport activities to family fun days at the beach or park. Perfect for camping trips! Durable and I keep in my car handy whenever I need some cool shade!

Eric B.